Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Super Sonic!

As most of you may not know :P I've been a huge Sonic fan since I was in kindergarten, collected the books, game books and posters. I didn't own a console back then, but I did play sonic games on my cousin's Gamecube. (I honestly only remember Sonic & Crash Banticoot on there)

My first two Sonic storybooks~ Bought them from Popular Bookstore when I was 5.

So when I saw the release of the 20th Anninvasary Sonic figures, I really wanted the biggest Sonic figure, but I was a lil straped for cash back then, so I figured I'd wait till the price drops a lil. Then a few months back, I heard of a sighting of some of the sets being in a bargain bin for $5 a set. Even though it's not the huge once, it's still pretty worth the cash. A lil sad that it's going for such a cheap price though, but I guess at least I can get my hands on em! However, when I speed there the next day, the sales assistant told me they had already shipped the stock somewhere else. Left my number in case they could get any info, but I've not gotten a call since then.

Anyway, I've been keeping my eyes peeled and managed to score em' at a toy sale at the plaza of Funan DigitalLife Mall last week! So super happy! Here they are, my new Sonic & Super Sonics. The Super Sonics were really worth it cause they came together in a set $5 for two!

Look who wants to join in on some Wreck It fun too? ;)

Here's Kyoka's Sonics, having a discussion over the Chaos Emerald (Hey guys, ain't it supposed to be green?!)
Sonic: "Izzat what i think it is?"
Super Sonic: "Yep, that there's what them botniks call 'em Chaos Emeralds"
Sonic: "They don't make em this big no more i reckon"

I'm super tempted to make some rings for my Sonics and do a mini shoot. Well, we shall see soon enough!

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