Saturday, August 30, 2008

New Cam! =D Sony H50~

arghhhhh stupid anti-spyware thing hung and then my whole com hung, so the post is gone! I'd just finish................. o.o

so yeah! I'm loving my new camera to bits! =D
and it came with a super lot of free stuff, and now I dont ever need to worry about not having enough mem/batt. That's also one reason why I got this model, cause it uses the same mem card and batt as my other half-spoilt cam.

so now.... total...
mem cards = 512mb +4GB + 4GB + 4GB
battery = 2 + 2
o_O crazy right??? lol.
But damn happy =D and can really see the difference like, when I use the same settings for both cams, haha the H50's better =D


oh yeah and I heard this just now...
if it's true...hmmms...
"what has inspired you once will always inspire you again..."

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

WWRY Stuff piccys!! =D [part1]

thanks alot to Deb & her mum! =D
YAY! Okay here's some of the stuff. There's still the big sticker things, but my cam batt died, both, so I gotta charge cam first.
anyway, so here's the stuff!
oh yeah there's still a bigger card thing which I haven got yet, cause it's big, so I gotta go to deb's house and get it soon! =P

WWRY Sticker! =D

& more stickers!!! (gonna stick one more on my guitar) & one some place else.. then keep one =)

WWRY Discs! =D

haha ok yeah, just gotta get these words down somewhere...
ask.believe.recieve. =D

Thursday, August 21, 2008

we'll make the Great Escape :D

Nike +10km run thingy. Boyslikegirls! =D
hahaha so yesh, I managed to sneak in.
not like I didn't want to pay or anything, but you can't just buy tickets to go in....
so, well, I don't sneak in without a good reason ^_^

haha anyway, argh I recorded the whole set...
except..I foun great escape to be cut off!!
argh! damn pissed. I remb recording the whole thing!!!!
but still, at least that I even got to go in and watch the whole thing live is really good =)

and yes! with the new camera!
Though some parts video abit blur, cause I tried to zoom 13x with videoing and realized that I cant.
oh well. still have stuff to learn for this new cam.

oh before that, I was siting on the grass taking photos of the stage lights. I have no idea why, but I'm damn attracted to stage lights. & outdoor stages. I think stages in general.
Like it calls out to me 8D~~

oh yeah, was looking at the lyrics physically, & saw a video on the meaning of the song and all...
I really like the thing of it.
maybe it's like cause of the o's and the thing that, you'll never be small and have to wear uniforms and go to small school.
it's like half a step into the world already...


oh also after looking physically at the lyrics of Panic At The Disco's songs, I'm like a bigger fan now! :D

* someone remind me to buy earplugs, or my ears are gonna die soon with the many many concert/BiG stage stuffs.

anyway. more boyslikegirls tomorrow! :D
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