Thursday, October 9, 2008

kill me in a record shop now;one shot & you took me down

BLG love(: hahaha, going crazy man!
can't wait for the new DVD! keep watching the trailer over and over again. looks super exciting! esp the first part where you see them trying to walk through the place then ppl are all over Martin and he's still smiling and all lol. then the tiny bit where Martin & Poolie hug(: hahaha!

I think I'm gonna end up writting wierd stuff and alot doing alot of random graphics. I think I do that alot when I panic D: Then I get a super load of em' . Oh, and reading up on BLG is intersting! Also like, get to understand Martin's songs more and all. Like "On Top Of The World" is really really sad when you get to know about it and really listen to the lyrics.

I think half the time when people listen to songs, they don't really take in the meaning and all, it's like just, generally sound nice, can relate to abit of lyrics blah blah. But really when you find out more about the artist and why they wrote the songs you get a whole new meaning of it.

Oh yeah, I was thinking. Maybe someday when BLG has another tour, shall go follow them on afew stops of the tour. Like Martin mentioned in some interview, some people do that and it's like The Great Escape feeing and all...haha, should start saving up. I'm sure after their next album or next year? They'll have a tour,like promote album and all. I predict around the mid/end of 2009 or start of 2010?...

haha, anyone care to join me? tsk, leave a comment =D

Anyway, here's the tralier. Great to have it here, I think I've watched it a zillion times(:

I tried to read between the lines
I tried to look in your eyes
I want a simple explanation
For what I'm feeling inside
I gotta find a way out
Maybe there's a way out

Saturday, September 13, 2008

shake it like a polaroid picture~~

new cam! =D
finally! not the model I wanted, but at least now I own one =D
One Step Talking Edition~

other things that happened....
Won $100 popular vouchers. hahaha. from that lucky draw thing which I couldnt be bothered to fill in, cause the prizes weren't attractive anyway, other that the vouchers which Mask said he wouldn't mind winning. Then like they told me just fill in, so okay lo. Should I tell them that I won it? lol. Oh well =P

Then..I think I lost my 512mb mem card. Ahhhh. I mean, even though I have alo of mam cards already, I really hate to lose things. so yeah. or maybe it'sjust somewhere around. hmmm...

Gotta buy film for polaroid cam. Then after o's when I have more $$, I'm gonna stock up abit on flim. =)

Jia Ning's Birthday on mondayyyyy =D~

oh and today,

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

guides cookies are yummy(:

yay people still remember me 8D *smiles*
was surprised when I saw the msgs XD
I have to gooo... go out with them soon or something,
JiaNing's birthday! I have not forgotten okay! =D
can't wait to see you soon(:

Oh yeah, thanks ISA for helping me carry the cookies :P


Sunday, September 7, 2008

whatIhavebeendoungwhilestudyyying D=

photo blog: picturessayathousandwords(:


This was damn nice! =D In fact, everything was!

Super super super sweet...thing & ice cream! XD

sweetness overkill! The thing was so sweet we couldn't um....really finish it o_o

so yeah =D my weeek XD.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I think watching artists live makes you realize why you love them even more! :D
today was freaking awesome!
went to buy drumsticks, then down to Heeren, bought the albums + pass. haha, Mae called me when I ran into HVM. she's like really fast man, haha I got to the counter immidiately got call(: so cool, she got to interview Paul! :D
eyecandy (: 



John the drummer (:


Bryan, bassist (:




ahhh I know I look really spastic cause I blinked when something flashed. (not sure if it's the polaroid cam or someone else's cam) but I shall just have to be happy with this photo cause it's a polaroid and I only had one chance on the photo(:


We'll make the clock stop
Make your heart drop and come alive

Saturday, August 30, 2008

New Cam! =D Sony H50~

arghhhhh stupid anti-spyware thing hung and then my whole com hung, so the post is gone! I'd just finish................. o.o

so yeah! I'm loving my new camera to bits! =D
and it came with a super lot of free stuff, and now I dont ever need to worry about not having enough mem/batt. That's also one reason why I got this model, cause it uses the same mem card and batt as my other half-spoilt cam.

so now.... total...
mem cards = 512mb +4GB + 4GB + 4GB
battery = 2 + 2
o_O crazy right??? lol.
But damn happy =D and can really see the difference like, when I use the same settings for both cams, haha the H50's better =D


oh yeah and I heard this just now...
if it's true...hmmms...
"what has inspired you once will always inspire you again..."

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

WWRY Stuff piccys!! =D [part1]

thanks alot to Deb & her mum! =D
YAY! Okay here's some of the stuff. There's still the big sticker things, but my cam batt died, both, so I gotta charge cam first.
anyway, so here's the stuff!
oh yeah there's still a bigger card thing which I haven got yet, cause it's big, so I gotta go to deb's house and get it soon! =P

WWRY Sticker! =D

& more stickers!!! (gonna stick one more on my guitar) & one some place else.. then keep one =)

WWRY Discs! =D

haha ok yeah, just gotta get these words down somewhere...
ask.believe.recieve. =D

Thursday, August 21, 2008

we'll make the Great Escape :D

Nike +10km run thingy. Boyslikegirls! =D
hahaha so yesh, I managed to sneak in.
not like I didn't want to pay or anything, but you can't just buy tickets to go in....
so, well, I don't sneak in without a good reason ^_^

haha anyway, argh I recorded the whole set...
except..I foun great escape to be cut off!!
argh! damn pissed. I remb recording the whole thing!!!!
but still, at least that I even got to go in and watch the whole thing live is really good =)

and yes! with the new camera!
Though some parts video abit blur, cause I tried to zoom 13x with videoing and realized that I cant.
oh well. still have stuff to learn for this new cam.

oh before that, I was siting on the grass taking photos of the stage lights. I have no idea why, but I'm damn attracted to stage lights. & outdoor stages. I think stages in general.
Like it calls out to me 8D~~

oh yeah, was looking at the lyrics physically, & saw a video on the meaning of the song and all...
I really like the thing of it.
maybe it's like cause of the o's and the thing that, you'll never be small and have to wear uniforms and go to small school.
it's like half a step into the world already...


oh also after looking physically at the lyrics of Panic At The Disco's songs, I'm like a bigger fan now! :D

* someone remind me to buy earplugs, or my ears are gonna die soon with the many many concert/BiG stage stuffs.

anyway. more boyslikegirls tomorrow! :D

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

my guitar is back! and the pair of sticks and debbie's too(:

thanks to PAM and may ling and ai ling and jonathan(?) and adrian that helped.
AND LILY with the idea!! omg.
just so freaing awesome I wouldn't trade it for anything else. and lucky that I just got the pick ups changed before that as well. super happy!

and my guitar stayed overnight with MiG too! 8D

and sticks! one pair's mine, the other 2 are Debbie's(:
gotta meet Debbie soon! haha! Crazy day!

ciao! :D

Saturday, July 5, 2008

the black parade is DEAD.

HEY people. I moved back to blogger. but I will still post here yeah! and my locked entries will still be posted her since the locking here is easier.(:

Today. ROCKED!
met: ISA, Sarah, Jia ning & Zhiqi!
went to kbox in the afternoon, then brought that few who have not been to Kbox there! So fun! Oh yeah, then I saw Andy pass by our room afew times! I think he looked inside once, but by the time I waved we walked by alrdy. oh well. Oh! and I have to say this, THERE IS BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY IN KBOX!! We did sing it! Love it too bits! Also, after this, alrdy worn my voice out quite abit.
oh oh yeah! I want to mention this. We saw this little boy's mother abusing the child in the mrt. so freaky. Cause the child wandered away for awhile, then when the mother found him, she just whacked his head really hard, then pushed him to make him fall in the moving mrt, then dragged him up by one hand. I think everyone around is was seriously shocked. how in the world can people do such things???!! I mean, if you want to make the child learn, at least don't whack his head! the child was really little. think toddler. still walking unsteadily. scary.
Then went to Plaza Sing to collect the tickets from 987. We were in theatre 5, same as Grace, Ros, Debbie and her friend. Deb's friend and Ros won stuff! So cool! lol. They were all yelling to answer the Qs, while I was like "CHOOSE THEM!!!! PICK THEM!!PICK THEM!!!" pointing to them. lol! Anw, super fun! the back people were jumping and all and Sarah and ISA and me wanted to too, but then the people behind us weren't standing so if we did we would block them. Then halfway this whole group ran to the front, so I was like " go go go! go down!" lol then the 3 of us ran down while jia ning &zhiqi stayed. So there was like, the back rows and the front row! FUN though! But now my legs are aching like hell! haha! Gotta prepare for the 2 days of Singfest anyway, so this is not bad.

argh! jia ning got cut out!! Oops!
Oh yeah, the DJs Shan and Ros were there! Got a pic with Shan! Ros was in a hurry and took a last pic with Deb, so I didn't push for a pic. Was too slow to get autographs though. Argh. I need a new bag. Was trying to keep my things from falling out at the same time cause my bag has a little hole, so it slowed me down abit.
After that went with Debbie and her friend to Sembawang and bougth the dvd+cd!
Then after, they left, and we went to Istana Park to take pics! haha, I need to drag them out more often! and go pic taking!
{today's we were trying to do the headphone thing. But it turned out funny! looks like we're emo-ing or something. XDISA.

and another of ISA. I love this pic!! ISA looks really cool in pics! like she has her own personality in the look.(:sneakers ROCK!

that's all ]
- pics by me. my pic with Shan by Deb! (: -
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