Monday, August 31, 2009

Could have been lovers, but at least you're still my day late friend

Ended up going for Baybeats in the end. Kinda last min decision...thursday? So, did catch Anberlin in the end. Though only stayed there for a short while, kinda miss the feeling of going to concerts, like Singfest and stuff. Wonder if they'll have Singfest next year? Went with Melissa, then met ppl around the place there. hahaha, alot of ppl were wearing twloha shirts. Was gonna wear mine, but decided on the Tokidoki one instead. My hair looks damn flat & weird in some pics cause I had my cap on before that (took it off cause it was raining) D:

Anyway, pics:


Stephen Christian~

that's around there. We managed to get some good CD deals at the Village. I got the Baybeats lanyard cause I really like the colour. Came with a polaroid(they take it for you there) yeah. The acoustic set was good. I heard ppl moshed at the last set and stuff, though. haha maybe I'm lucky I wasn;t there. Idk. Who moshes to Anberlin man @__@


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bdooey :D

Okay, here's it! Late post, this happened on 13th August 2009!

then, I replied him shortly after, and.....

Super shocked! haha but quite happy I guess, cause it's unexpected, reason why I'm posting it (:
<3s Bryan! :D
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