Thursday, June 18, 2009

Yet Another Obsession:Adam Lambert

Yes, so I do have, yet another obsession. Which I spent hours on today walking to every place possible that sells magazines only to find out that they're sold out everywhere. Except for maybe, one place. Which does not seem to want to give it to me that easily. Boo :(
Anyway, if you're still reading, I've been combing nearly the whole orchard road looking for the one magazine: Rolling Stones June 2009
Just cause Adam Lambert's on the cover. And not just that, the photos inside of him are do freaking hot the first time I saw it I practically just went crazy.

How can anyone not love this guy man??? Awesome vocals. He even understudied the part of Fiyero in the LA production of wicked

All photos are copyright of Rolling Stone.

And yes, back to the magazine,
I went to
1. & 2. Both Kinos
3. Borders
4. Centerpoint times
5. Plaza Sing times
6. Plaza sing small mag shop
7. Bugis small mag shop
8. Tamp cold storage
9. Orchard cold storage
10. Plaza sing carrefour
And guess what?! All sold out!
If I'm not wrong they only got the mag on Tuesday.
Therefore my conclusion: Adam Lambert fans are crazy. Like hella crazy!
My only last hopes are
Tampines mall & t1 Times (went today, said sold out they'll call me tmr if there's more)
And Page One (which I went to today as well, but they said haven't arrived)
I seriously want that mag. When i saw the cover photo, I told Debbie I'd buy 2 copies. One for my wall, one to keep. And guess what, she thought of the exact same thing! Though it's cool great minds think alike, I hope there arnt too many like-minded fans till we cant even get one copy for ourselves!
And btw, did I mention that he's gay?
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