Monday, April 28, 2008

WWRY Closing Night.

Closing night is.was. awesome!! I guess even more that some of the casts recognise some of us, (ros, grace, me)! haha. It was just so sad when you know Pop has this line where he says something like "WWRY and is currntly playing at the Esplanade till 27th April". But for today's he did something like "and will play for another 20minutes" and I was like omg omg it's gonna be over! The finale and last few songs were awesome! The cast, the whole theatre and everything! Oh and I think MiG really does recognise me now! He came over to my side just to give me a Hi-5!!! and I think I instinticivly yelled out "YES!! GO MiG!!" lol. =D Neels, Jeremiah and Ryno recognised me too! haha though I have no idea why Ryno would point and wave at me too??.. It's Grace and Ros for the band!!! (edit: I figured why he recognised me, cause the day when I took a photo with him & saw him many times, I was wearing a twloha tee XD saw his myspace and he knows about twloha, so I suppose that's why..haha)

Ryno & Me! the great guitarist!
 lol. Neels! haha think I saw him arnd 3 times before? lol. double Hi-5 puls half pulled up!lol oh yeah Carly too! It was just so so so great! Though when they ran to the front to bow it was abit scary, looks as if they were gonna run off the stage!lol!It really is, more of a rock concert set to a storyline. Arghhhh so so so sad that they're leaving already! Gonna miss them so much!Oh yeah and sitting in first row, you really get to see how much effort they put into their performance! and all of them were so hot with sweat dripping and all from all the dancing! I suddenly realize it takes more than a pack full of energy.. I mean, you think they do get to rest abit..but not really..Finale! haha I did the kinda "headbang" thing along with them..well, first row anyway. wah..after awhile got super tired!And they still continued with the same power packed energy! Now thinking. I really kind of want to be that kind of performer.. you see they way they throw their best and focus.. It's just amazing! It's just so WOW! and MiG, giving to his fans as much as possible, even though he has to rush.. from yesterday.. while he was running into the stage door, just look at him turning back each time someone calls his name.. He's so so...I really don't know how to describe it.. that's why he's MiG. Really. Just look at all the performers.. the way they do it.. It's like they just do deserve to do the job. Seriously. I guess that's what sets apart people who get in auditions and stuff. They're just... them. And most of them are so nice and helpful and friendly! And I get the thing of making the performance your own as well as the creating the character thing. Listened to the london cast recording quite afew times and surprisingly I can tell the difference when they do their songs and acts. It's just. WOW. Oh yeah super happy. Managed to get more shirts from WWRY. haha I think I got the last small size of the "no time for losers shirt" from the esplanade shop =X haha cause the main shop was too crowded, so went there during interval. Oh yeah, haha. I can't believe, something held me up before the show and I was really really late. From city hall, with only 6mins to get to the theatre. Grabbed my bag and sprinted all the way. Was telling myself, if I dont make it/they dont allow me to get in, I'll just kill myself mans and/or I'm just so gonna cry. And guess what, when I got there, there were still afew ppl outside. Luckily. Just so happy when I sat down. lol. I bet by now they're waiting for their flight or even flying off already. sighs. Time flies. This will will will be a memory to remember forever. Lucky I have the welcome vid and the book vid of MiG, along with the photos. haha! I'll copy the video onto so many places so I'll never lose it! thumbdrive, cd etc. lol! yeah, call me crazy but his comments and expressions are priceless for the work put into the book! =) and also cause it's the man himself of course!!! =D Oh yeah, did I mention? MiG had so many crazy fans at the door today!! Some even tried to push through the door when he had to leave. Luckly there was police. Though he didnt manage to finish signing.. Oh I mean, it's not that I don't want them to get the autographs and go all on him and all, I'm just afraid the injure him unintentionally, cause you know when there are big crowds.. so yeah. But well, I just looked...till he left, and this sadness came over me seeing him disappear through the doors...oh well.Hope he comes back to Singapore soon!!!

oh yeah short mention of the guy who sold me the shirts from the esplanade shop during intermission. he said something like " Is it too croweded over the other shop? the staff are under preassure. Don't they just want it all?" hahaha! something like that! but yeah XD super funny.

yesterday.after matinee.
haha. Just the interesting stuff. Neels (Khashoggi) came out with this Nikon camera and snapped photos of us! hahaha. We thought he was going sightseeing or gonna take photos outside or something. super shocked! lol! I think Julia said it was the latest Nikon camera. wow. XD AND THEN! later when MiG came out, or rather, we went in, we gave him the book and caught his comments on video..haha! At first we needed to do the polaroid thing so I was like "can we take a polaroid with you? we have a surprise for you" then he said, "oh really?" think me and Debbie said "yeah!" hahaha. Then when we gave it to him, Grace told him "you should look" and he did and wow all the stuff he said hahaha.. Then introduced Debbie & me to him(= I do hope it does make him want to come back to Singapore even more though, now that there is a fan club too! The we got him to sign other stuff then he left. Then later on.. hmmm. when we finally met Annie! haha when she came out the doors I think I just blurted out "omg annie!" or something like that, she had her hair all up and some makeup on. haha. and she said something like " this is the least makeup you've seen on me isnt in?" but then MiG was also out for awhile to pass Mae the ticket, so caught him for polaroids and the Hi to Singapore video! Really sorry! I mean, he was in such a rush but he still paused to do it before disappearing through the doors! He's just so nice! And Annie is so cute! haha Me & Debbie took polaroids with her and she was like "oh oh oh can I have one of those too?" haha! so she got another cast member to take it for her since her insisted that everyone be in it, though I think some ppl who really refused, wasnt in in the end. Then she was all " that's mine! that's mine!" just so cute!!! Then something happened to Debbie as well! haha! but not sure if I should mention it, so nevermind =P

Neels! Khashoggi & Me! [polaroid]
Neels (Khashoggi) & me polaroid!

MiG Ayesa & me polaroid!

Annie Crummer & me polaroid! The Killer Queen! Be Nasty! LOL

MiG Ayesa & us! Autographed pic! =D

 US! with Annie Crummer! =D [she's holding the polaroid we gave her!]

[YET more more more pics soon! and the polaroids too =P]

 {edit: There's this thing I've never said it so I'll say it now..well,I do admit that I've alws been quite outgoing, but I've never really much dared to go watch concerts even on my own (unless it's a gather round free performance) or just cheer and dance along if it's only me doing it. But after performing for quite awhile, on my own, with choir,thelastcall etc. I really understand the feeling when people like your performance and cheer you on. So yeah, when I like their performance, I'll give it back to them! like today, I didnt even notice whether anyone was doing the headbang thing till I got a little tired and stopped for awhile. Then noticed that only the guys on my right were doing that too. And for one of these few times, It somehow dosent seem to bother me as much whether anyone else is doing it. I loved their performance and that's what matters. Also, WWRY and meeting MiG and getting to know Lily and Gabe's words and all have somehow encourged me even more on my dreams. It's kinda like, really WOW! I never ever thought this would happen even though I wished it. But then I never once had the thought that it would never even happen. It's like if you really really want it that much and believe in it, just go for it!!! Anything can happen if you just believe and go! It just proves that way! even with the fanclub now. wow! it's all so amazing!}
I think I'll be getting MiG-&-the-WWRY-cast-is-gone withdrawal syndrome soon. ahhhh! You guys gotta come back for Singfest mans!!!

P.S. do go check out, MiGfansSG, MiG's Singapore fanclub, managed by me and Debbie! We even got MiG to say Hi in a video! Go check it out =D

Monday, April 21, 2008

Meeting MiG Ayesa and the WWRY cast!!! =D

saturday 12th April 2008.
Me, Nat Nah & Sarah went to esplanade to catch the matinee show of WWRY and we were blown away! Especially with MiG's (Galileo Figaro) powerful vocals combined with the Queen songs. We booked real early so managed to get quite good seats, for student price, 5 rows away from the stage and right in the center!! The ensemble was great as well! and not forgetting Sivan (Scaramouch) and Annie Crummer (Killer Queen)! I think Sivan is the best Scaramouch compared to those others I saw on youtube, for most of them, their voices sound a tad too whiny for me. Even for Neels (Khashoggi), I liked the way he took off the shades when Killer Queen critised him for that. His startled expression was so good! and MiG's "backward dance" was so cool! Absolutely love Sivan's and MiG's and Annie's acting!!! and of course, their vocals too!!!

for me, I loved MiG's vocals so much I went on internet to search & view & listen to every bit of MiG info I could find that night(= and through that, got to know about meeting MiG!=D

within the week
went to buy MiG's album & the Killer Queen tee to wear in meeting the cast and to get the cd autographed!! =D chatted nearly everyday about WWRY & MiG!

come saturday 19th April 2008.
after finding out that we could meet MiG from the forums, Me, Nat Nah & Sarah decided to go meet MiG! there we meet a few others, "sticksandstones" Debbie! who was also on the forum, and Julia and a few others! So, Debbie , Julia & I were there from around late 3, and the rest came soon after.. we stayed till around 7.30 and it was the best experience ever! We managed to get all of the main casts autographs with the exception of Annie's as she hurt her leg and wasn't there that day. Get well soon Annie!!! =( It was quite awkward at first, cause some of the cast were comming out or their brak and they just walked by us so fast we didn't dare to stop them for autographs! Though, after meeting MiG, we warmed up abit and started to be daring enough to ask the casts that went by us (cause we were sitting there XD). haha! and we made sure we caught the casts who went by us earlier for autographs. XD MiG really really is the nicest person ever and so are the cast! I shall specially mention Carly (Oz), as she asked us who we have not met and smsed them to come out for us!! So sweet!! It was quite funny though, cause when we saw her, we knew ahe was part of the cast but we just couldnt place who she was! That's cause she was wearing the thing to hide her hair for the wig Oz wears. haha, so she we asked her if we could have her autograph, and looking at our experssions, she said " but you got to tell me which one I am first!" and we were like..."Errrr" hahaha.. and she said " I'm Oz" and we were so so omg! you look so different! And you so should see our expressions when MiG came out!!! =DDD! haha! and I think, it was Grace that asked him how to do the "backwards dance" and he said that it was a secret and he had to "shoot you if I show you" lol! and then we were piling him with stuff to autograph, the programmes, his album, sarah's bear, and if I'm not wrong, Debbie's WWRY shirt! then then then,  magazine people who were interviewing him inside the lobby earlier asked us all to take a photo with MiG!! and I think they're gonna post it in the magazine, which, again, if i'm not wrong is "Pop" =DD!!! We all were going around taking photos with MiG! we also took photos with the other casts members who we got autographs from, and even some of the ensmble! We are probably gonna go back again to get Annie's autograph,and I really want to get the muscial director's and Nick(the guitarist)'s autograph! In fact, I really want eveyones autograph!!! Best of luck to us when we go again! It was really terrificlly extremely a super memoriable experience!!! Sivan ( scaramouch), Neels (Khashoggi), Stephen (Victoria Beckham), and Malcolm (Pop) came out when Carly messaged them, and I'd really like to thank them again for comming out just for us!!! We also met Edwin( Assistant Musical Director!!!), Etienne (Percussionist!) and Llewellyn (Bassist!)!! As for now, Debbie, Julia, Nat Nah and me should be going back again!! Omg, I so can't wait!! I want to see MiG again! and think I'll get him ot autograph another item too =P hehe. hope he dosent mind our craziness!! but so far from the fourm, (there's someone that knows MiG there!!!!) I think he loves the attention, and he loves to meet fans! =D can't wait!!

Me, MiG Ayesa (Galileo Figaro) & Nat Nah =DD

My autographed programme!!!

Autographed MiG cd! =D

Sarah, Me, Sivan (Scaramouch) & Julia =D

Me, Sarah, Carly(Oz!) & Debbie

Carly's autograph!

Me, Sarah, Stephen (Victoria Beckham) & Julia

Debbie, Sarah, Me with Malcolm Terrey(Pop) *btw, there's another malcolm in the ensemble =P

Me, Sarah, Neels (Khashoggi) & Debbie =D

ooopps. people are chasing me for the post! more eyecandy later!=P argh, btw, MiG's album is on heavy roation on my playlist now =) Love his other song "one sunset at a time" as well!

*updated: actually, here's one thing I really have to say. Those of you that know me well would have far by known that I have never actually found a male singer I would call my favourite, but when I heard MiG's voice, I know he was the one! My first ever favourite male solo singer!lol!I have liked many different female singers & bands and groups along the way, but MiG really hits it for a guy singer!! He just caught my ears and I KNOW I will be looking foreward to hearing more of his music!

**Credits to Debbie & Julia for the photos! thanks so much!! and to Scaramouch from MiG's forum,thanks for everything!=D**

oh,and I cant wait for the next "pop" magazine to look for our photo! =P

continued pictures...

Etienne (percussionist), Nat Nah, Sarah, Me, Llewellyn(Bassist)

Me, Sarah, Malcolm Coombes(ensemble) & Debbie!

Me, Ivan (ensemble) & Debbie

Sarah, Me, Edwin(Assistant Music Director!!!) & Debbie

Me & Lara (ensemble)

Sarah, Jeremiah (ensemble) & Me!

Sarah's autographed WWRY teddy!! just haddd to post this up mans!

**update: again! I just remembered Sivan asking Sarah what the bear's name was and Sarah said she didn't know yet..If I'm not wrong I remember saying that she should call it Scaramouch!hahahaXD well,if I remember anything else important i'll edit again~
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