Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas & etc.

 Xmas post. Quite many things happened hahaha. Marie is back with my stuff, so awesome!. & hence facebook album post <3 Opus came too omg it's humongously huge and like WOAHHHH it fits like the whole length on my legs before my feet. 13x18inches yo.

Painting I did for MJ tribute book. The gold ray's a lil wierd cause at first I couldnt decide where I wanted it to go..argh.

I should be doing more art.. I need more canvas though. Running out of some colors though. Oh yeah I finally have cash back. Need to get new headphones. I want the $40 clip on skullcandys. Anyone wants to go with me to get?? :D

-love, peace, dreams.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

::music update:: / note to self

Angela Chang's album's here,
Orianthi's on - 27th Oct
Glee Soundtack - Nov 3rd
Fall Out Boy Greatest Hits - 17th Nov
Adam Lambert's - 23rd Nov Allison Iraheta's - 1st Dec
Glee Soundtrack Vol. 2 - 8th December
Glee: Vol1 DVD - 29th December

Think Michelle Branch's gonna have an album, Lea Michele's gonna have a solo album too! :D can't wait for that!

Movies to watch (when they're out):

Coraline 3D
Astro Boy
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
A Christmas Carol 3D(?) - 6th Nov 2009
Alice In Wonderland 3D - 5th March 2010

December,MJ Opus release. I think it'll be here by Xmas? :D I think I'm gonna lock the room and spend a whole day with just the book.

Oh yeah I might end up collecting certain comic releases. shittt the art's damn nice. And maybe the Neil Gaiman grpahic novel/comics. other stuff to get include Ten Commandments DVD, Handel's Messiah Rocks DVD, Fame OST.

sometimes I think I look for too many things that inspire me, I don't sit down enough to spend time getting inspired by it all... At the same time, suddenly I like all the scary Halloween stuff. So. Halloween should become my new fav holiday, other than chistmas for the candy canes :D

wristbands are awesome. they don't come cheap though.. haha can see my Rent posters in the bkgnd. Reminds me that I need more plastic protectors to put up the new posters

- peace, love, dreams.

Monday, October 5, 2009


cause, now he knows he has fans in asia:
& he stays up to talk to his fans cause he wanna:
& of course, his music is really really great!!
His EP is out! For free download for limited time only! Get it while you can! Awesome stuff (:
Also, check out the myspace:

Monday, August 31, 2009

Could have been lovers, but at least you're still my day late friend

Ended up going for Baybeats in the end. Kinda last min decision...thursday? So, did catch Anberlin in the end. Though only stayed there for a short while, kinda miss the feeling of going to concerts, like Singfest and stuff. Wonder if they'll have Singfest next year? Went with Melissa, then met ppl around the place there. hahaha, alot of ppl were wearing twloha shirts. Was gonna wear mine, but decided on the Tokidoki one instead. My hair looks damn flat & weird in some pics cause I had my cap on before that (took it off cause it was raining) D:

Anyway, pics:


Stephen Christian~

that's around there. We managed to get some good CD deals at the Village. I got the Baybeats lanyard cause I really like the colour. Came with a polaroid(they take it for you there) yeah. The acoustic set was good. I heard ppl moshed at the last set and stuff, though. haha maybe I'm lucky I wasn;t there. Idk. Who moshes to Anberlin man @__@


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bdooey :D

Okay, here's it! Late post, this happened on 13th August 2009!

then, I replied him shortly after, and.....

Super shocked! haha but quite happy I guess, cause it's unexpected, reason why I'm posting it (:
<3s Bryan! :D

Thursday, July 9, 2009

R.I.P. Michael Jackson

I know my hat isn't exactly like his, but still wanna do this. Caught the memorial on internet early this morning & wore the hat out for class today.

R.I.P. Michael Jackson ♥

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Things that arrived in the mail recently! Got my RS Mag from a super super nice UK Glambert some days back!
She got the mags to give out to people who couldnt get it when it was sold out! Super nice(: Plus, the interviews and pics inside are awesome! SO gotta love Adam! and so happy that Deb and me finally got our RS after all the searching and calling all over the place!

The second item arrived todayyyyyy! :D It's from the SASE I sent out to get the octoupus stickers by Blink 182's Mark Hoppus aka HiMyNameIsMark. There was all the hype about the octopus drive which everyone wanted but I think only one person in Singapore got? Anw, stickers are goooood. One for my current guitar case. The small one, which colous should I use? (: Gonna save the big one for bass hardcase next time. I think I'm getting addicted to geting stickers/decals for guitar cases! XD

Oh, which reminds me, I really hope Tokidoki brings down decals to STAC. I definatly will get them for my guitar case! I've been wanting them but the shipping all the way here is way to ex! I hope they bring down the cap I want too. Seems like Simone should be comming down for signings like last year. Super tempted to get a vinyl beforehand so at least Ive got something for him to sign. But I can't decide! August 13-16! shall see. Oh and this is the vinyl I'm thinking whether to get:

I think that's about it. Music news, there's a leak on Youtube for BLG's Love Drunk MV. The backstage vid from MTV has been ripped and put on there too if anyone cant seem to load MTV like me previously. Yeah. Oh, Hey!Say!Jump's concert merch is in cutesy style this time! I think I'm just gonna get the poster though. Too bad no shop photos but yeah.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Yet Another Obsession:Adam Lambert

Yes, so I do have, yet another obsession. Which I spent hours on today walking to every place possible that sells magazines only to find out that they're sold out everywhere. Except for maybe, one place. Which does not seem to want to give it to me that easily. Boo :(
Anyway, if you're still reading, I've been combing nearly the whole orchard road looking for the one magazine: Rolling Stones June 2009
Just cause Adam Lambert's on the cover. And not just that, the photos inside of him are do freaking hot the first time I saw it I practically just went crazy.

How can anyone not love this guy man??? Awesome vocals. He even understudied the part of Fiyero in the LA production of wicked

All photos are copyright of Rolling Stone.

And yes, back to the magazine,
I went to
1. & 2. Both Kinos
3. Borders
4. Centerpoint times
5. Plaza Sing times
6. Plaza sing small mag shop
7. Bugis small mag shop
8. Tamp cold storage
9. Orchard cold storage
10. Plaza sing carrefour
And guess what?! All sold out!
If I'm not wrong they only got the mag on Tuesday.
Therefore my conclusion: Adam Lambert fans are crazy. Like hella crazy!
My only last hopes are
Tampines mall & t1 Times (went today, said sold out they'll call me tmr if there's more)
And Page One (which I went to today as well, but they said haven't arrived)
I seriously want that mag. When i saw the cover photo, I told Debbie I'd buy 2 copies. One for my wall, one to keep. And guess what, she thought of the exact same thing! Though it's cool great minds think alike, I hope there arnt too many like-minded fans till we cant even get one copy for ourselves!
And btw, did I mention that he's gay?

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mark Hoppus x FOB: by SKYENAT

My shot for the Mark Hoppus x FOB octodrive giveaway on FOE:

Drawing of octopus & bear hat by marker. (if you compare the bear hat to the hood on the album mine's kinda out of shape in some places and the ear's slightly out)

Scanned into photoshop for coloring and editing. The "spots" are Blink182's colour, the bear hat & background colour for FOB's latest album.

The octopus couldn't fit in a hoodie, so I figured I'd give it a hat instead ;)

Kinda really excited though.
here goes nothing~

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day1: shanghai before Jeju

some photos (: Shanghai stay night before flight to Jeju.

Shanghai airport 1/2 hour wait for bus to come..
In hotel room the next day...
mirror photo. haha

Fiona tied for me :D super nice, and like really cool she can tie it for herself pretty fast (: haha something I need to learn. Can remember last time a friend of mine used to tie it to school everyday, while my mum can't tie it and I don't know how to either. Must learn!
Jeju + Seoul photos soon!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

PONYO!! & Cinderella: meeting the prince? 8D

Watched Rodger and Hammerstein's Cinderella with Lea Salonga in it (:

we caught the 3pm show though (:

Prince Christopher Rupert, Windmehr Lademehr, Carl Alexander, Francois Reginal, Lansalot Herman....
AKA Peter Saide and us (: lol.

pic cant seem to be flipped. have no idea why ._.
but anw, the toy rat that sarah bought.

Sarah:mum can I buy a rat?
her mum: ?!?!
Sarah: a rat plushie, you know cinderella story has those rats?

stuff bought(:

Didn't see Lea, though we didn't stay for long, cause seemed like the ensemble and all came out alrdy and not all of them would def come out for break. I really wanna meet Lea and the lady who did the Fairy Godmother though.
I want a polaroid with Lea! =X (:

Look at the "fat dress" on one of the stepsisters, was really amused by that XD

we didn't take a pic today D:
ah wells~

supposed to be for my birthday, hahas ^_^

anw, watched Ponyo On The Cliff By The Sea~~

SUPER CUTE!! shan't put too much spoliers, though watching Ponyo trying to get back to Sosuke, is....omg! so cute! ^_^
plot's not much, but it's just damn cute =D hahas ahhhh (:
I want the CD!! =D ahhh man XD Love the songs also; though some lyrics quite pointless XD

<<2012 edit: apparently the video I linked back then is taken down already>>
She's the original singer of the song btw~~ =D
and this suppose to be the lyrics translation??? XD
so....pointless! but then again, =D

Ponyo Ponyo Ponyo, its a fish kid
It came from the blue ocean
Ponyo Ponyo Ponyo,
She is a round bellied girl
Peta-peta pyon-pyon
How nice to have feet! Ill try to run!
How nice to have hands! Ill try to hold hands with!
When I jump with her, my heart dances along
Paku-paku chu-gyu, paku-paku chu-gyu
I love her so much!
Ponyo Ponyo Ponyo, its a fish kid in red
It came from the blue ocean
Ponyo Ponyo Ponyo,
She is a round bellied girl

Below vid not very good, go click on it and watch it HD! (:
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