Thursday, October 9, 2008

kill me in a record shop now;one shot & you took me down

BLG love(: hahaha, going crazy man!
can't wait for the new DVD! keep watching the trailer over and over again. looks super exciting! esp the first part where you see them trying to walk through the place then ppl are all over Martin and he's still smiling and all lol. then the tiny bit where Martin & Poolie hug(: hahaha!

I think I'm gonna end up writting wierd stuff and alot doing alot of random graphics. I think I do that alot when I panic D: Then I get a super load of em' . Oh, and reading up on BLG is intersting! Also like, get to understand Martin's songs more and all. Like "On Top Of The World" is really really sad when you get to know about it and really listen to the lyrics.

I think half the time when people listen to songs, they don't really take in the meaning and all, it's like just, generally sound nice, can relate to abit of lyrics blah blah. But really when you find out more about the artist and why they wrote the songs you get a whole new meaning of it.

Oh yeah, I was thinking. Maybe someday when BLG has another tour, shall go follow them on afew stops of the tour. Like Martin mentioned in some interview, some people do that and it's like The Great Escape feeing and all...haha, should start saving up. I'm sure after their next album or next year? They'll have a tour,like promote album and all. I predict around the mid/end of 2009 or start of 2010?...

haha, anyone care to join me? tsk, leave a comment =D

Anyway, here's the tralier. Great to have it here, I think I've watched it a zillion times(:

I tried to read between the lines
I tried to look in your eyes
I want a simple explanation
For what I'm feeling inside
I gotta find a way out
Maybe there's a way out

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