Thursday, June 28, 2012

And it shall be, what the future commands of it;

Hola guys!~ (^______^)
I am back. Back from the mundane tendencies of what homework brings, though I'd have to admit, I'm pretty proud of my work this time. It's something I would at least call decent, given my tendencies to be hard on myself. Sometimes I feel a real lack of resources when I want to do projects hence having to choose other alternatives to replace stuff which kind of disappoints me. Ah wells. Talking about being back, I'll be back reporting game news & covering events as well, so do keep a look out for that. Have a couple of game reviews to do as well.

In the meantime, I'm on my one week school holiday, so any friends who's free to meet up do let me know. The other half of the time is going to be spent preparing for Cosfest and the upcoming projects I have for this blog & CosplaysOfTheWorld. More info will be released in the next update.

Anyway, looks like the next two weeks will be rather interesting (other than the fact that I will be starting my new school term next week). I will be interviewing Taiwanese cosplayer, Neneko at the Youth Mascot Parade on Saturday. Pretty excited about it, she looks kinda cute to me too. Will be posting up the blogposts on previous events I've attended as well, even though it's kind of late, but well, for memories sake. Other upcoming events include Cosfest next week and I am really excited about my plans as well. Somehow everything just fell into place, it's such a coincidence that quite a few of my friends have decided to cosplay this series for Cosfest. No doubt it's a popular series, but this group of people who are all familiar with each other and didn't plan on the group will end up in one, and I'll be part of it too. Quite afew of them are friends whose cosplays I really like love, can't wait for next week! Wondering what we'll be doing? Y'all will have to wait for photos from next week to find out, so stay tuned! ;)

- Nano Mello x
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