Sunday, October 25, 2009

::music update:: / note to self

Angela Chang's album's here,
Orianthi's on - 27th Oct
Glee Soundtack - Nov 3rd
Fall Out Boy Greatest Hits - 17th Nov
Adam Lambert's - 23rd Nov Allison Iraheta's - 1st Dec
Glee Soundtrack Vol. 2 - 8th December
Glee: Vol1 DVD - 29th December

Think Michelle Branch's gonna have an album, Lea Michele's gonna have a solo album too! :D can't wait for that!

Movies to watch (when they're out):

Coraline 3D
Astro Boy
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
A Christmas Carol 3D(?) - 6th Nov 2009
Alice In Wonderland 3D - 5th March 2010

December,MJ Opus release. I think it'll be here by Xmas? :D I think I'm gonna lock the room and spend a whole day with just the book.

Oh yeah I might end up collecting certain comic releases. shittt the art's damn nice. And maybe the Neil Gaiman grpahic novel/comics. other stuff to get include Ten Commandments DVD, Handel's Messiah Rocks DVD, Fame OST.

sometimes I think I look for too many things that inspire me, I don't sit down enough to spend time getting inspired by it all... At the same time, suddenly I like all the scary Halloween stuff. So. Halloween should become my new fav holiday, other than chistmas for the candy canes :D

wristbands are awesome. they don't come cheap though.. haha can see my Rent posters in the bkgnd. Reminds me that I need more plastic protectors to put up the new posters

- peace, love, dreams.

Monday, October 5, 2009


cause, now he knows he has fans in asia:
& he stays up to talk to his fans cause he wanna:
& of course, his music is really really great!!
His EP is out! For free download for limited time only! Get it while you can! Awesome stuff (:
Also, check out the myspace:
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