Saturday, September 13, 2008

shake it like a polaroid picture~~

new cam! =D
finally! not the model I wanted, but at least now I own one =D
One Step Talking Edition~

other things that happened....
Won $100 popular vouchers. hahaha. from that lucky draw thing which I couldnt be bothered to fill in, cause the prizes weren't attractive anyway, other that the vouchers which Mask said he wouldn't mind winning. Then like they told me just fill in, so okay lo. Should I tell them that I won it? lol. Oh well =P

Then..I think I lost my 512mb mem card. Ahhhh. I mean, even though I have alo of mam cards already, I really hate to lose things. so yeah. or maybe it'sjust somewhere around. hmmm...

Gotta buy film for polaroid cam. Then after o's when I have more $$, I'm gonna stock up abit on flim. =)

Jia Ning's Birthday on mondayyyyy =D~

oh and today,

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

guides cookies are yummy(:

yay people still remember me 8D *smiles*
was surprised when I saw the msgs XD
I have to gooo... go out with them soon or something,
JiaNing's birthday! I have not forgotten okay! =D
can't wait to see you soon(:

Oh yeah, thanks ISA for helping me carry the cookies :P


Sunday, September 7, 2008

whatIhavebeendoungwhilestudyyying D=

photo blog: picturessayathousandwords(:


This was damn nice! =D In fact, everything was!

Super super super sweet...thing & ice cream! XD

sweetness overkill! The thing was so sweet we couldn't um....really finish it o_o

so yeah =D my weeek XD.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I think watching artists live makes you realize why you love them even more! :D
today was freaking awesome!
went to buy drumsticks, then down to Heeren, bought the albums + pass. haha, Mae called me when I ran into HVM. she's like really fast man, haha I got to the counter immidiately got call(: so cool, she got to interview Paul! :D
eyecandy (: 



John the drummer (:


Bryan, bassist (:




ahhh I know I look really spastic cause I blinked when something flashed. (not sure if it's the polaroid cam or someone else's cam) but I shall just have to be happy with this photo cause it's a polaroid and I only had one chance on the photo(:


We'll make the clock stop
Make your heart drop and come alive
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