Sunday, March 4, 2007

;I'll keep you my dirty little secret

AAR update! Saturday:28th Febuary 2009
went there super early. supposed to start at 3pm, reached there around 12:30 I think. lol didn't pull anyone with me then cause thought no one will wait till then D: D: though, Mae and Debbie came later on(:
This M&G's really quite awesome, cause they'd have a photoshoot for everyone with the band then do signing. And there's the free poster + the photo they printed for you(: The securitry was quite nice also, joked with the ppl waiting for photos, what tmr come then have all singapore rejects crap hahahaha. Only thing I didn't like is that can only sign one item, even though they seem to have quite abit of time. Oh wells, didn't get my drumsticks signed.

Jeremy won this thingy. Signed photo of them with Rozz. Met him there haha.

Mae, deb & me(: 

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