Friday, July 9, 2010

MIKA Concert recount! [Part 1]

14th June 2010
Reached Max Pavillion around 12noon. Hung with the people outside to complete the lollipops and cut the shiny stuff while xin yii went back to get her tic. We lacked a paint brush to paint, so I tore the paper off the side of the packet and was using it to “paint” the hard cards white first. Soon Mel and MJ came, MinJie brought ballooons, those that can be made into stuff, so we also tried making dogs and flowers but ended up brusting quite afew XD.

Halfway, someone started knocking on the doors from inside the venue, after awhile finally managed to get them out, they were John, Joanie and this other lady in green. Talked to Joanie(Mika’s mum) for abit, Min Jie asked her if she had tried Chicken Rice yet LOL. She said they haven’t yet but one thing she loves about Singapore is that everyone loves food, first thing she was asked when she woke up (from someone at the hotel) was “have you had breakfast yet?” hahaha. They asked us who used a glue gun before and selected afew of us to be big girls and lollipop girls (: Actually the last time I used a glue gun was like more than 5 years ago and I mostly forgot alrdy, but was thinking, hey I'm pretty good at watching and picking up immediately, so just go for it! I did say that I haven't used one for a long time alrdy anyway. Then they went back inside to wait for the glue guns to arrive. Then MinJie went to change, and we (Sherilyn, Melissa, MinJie & Me) Started taking photos cause our leggings/pants had similar shades, so cool haha. After that I hurriedly rushed to the ATM to get cash for Andy’s tofu, but he didn’t transfer it yet, so went back.

After awhile they asked us to go in. 2 of them had alrdy gone it, but like short while only. Met Maria who’s also doing in charge of doing the gluing. We were to glue MIKA’s flower curtain and wooden boards to cover his piano. Did the piano first, like at first it was nearly a blank board of wood. Then, we started gluing and MIKA’s mum said we can talk about anything under the sun other than the show and MIKA, so they started talking about football/world cup. LOL. Iona asked Maria how was the match they watched, but she said she didn’t really watch much. Then, Imma came by and took some photos and talked to Maria. She smiled at me too, so I smiled back :D Oh yeah and there was this Dominos pizza box beside us also, and Iona asked them where they got it from. I don’t remb where they said, but it was the box that MIKA threw to the audience later on! (I think he signed it too, like I sorta saw some marker ink on it) I touched it ahahha. Shifted it to reach the glue sticks. One part to mention was glueing the sunflower onto the board, cause we had to "power glue" everyone's glue guns putting glue onto the sunflower before they put it down cause one glue gun's not fast enough for the big flower

After awhile the glue guns died cause too many glue guns on one plug caused it to snap (we used 2 of those extensions, 4 guns on each.) so I went with Maria to get some drinks and chocolate. Saw Cherrise and Jimmy outside the room and Cherrise recognized me and waved to me! But we couldn’t find chocolate, so we went to the refreshment room and just grabbed drinks from the eating area. She brought me by the band room to pop by and say hi. “special treatment” as she said (: When we got back the glue guns were still not working, so we drank and sat arnd. I sat on the steps MIKA walked on later haha. After awhile they managed to fix the power, I swaped to helping MIKA’s mum do the curtain, sticking purple flowers on it. Saw a purple flower on the wires and tried to pick it up but realized it got glued to the wires LOL whoops XD Chatted abit with her, about how I heard of MIKA’s music. Then she asked me if it was on the radio, how people heard of MIKA etc.

Later, after the piano boards were finished, the rest came to work on the curtain as well. MIKA’s mum asked me if I’ve been abroad, and I was like yeah, “ummm...Japan, Australia, London, Korea” Then she asked me what do I think of Singapore compared to other countries, like efficiency, cleanliness etc. Lol. Didn’t know what to say so I just mentioned that I hate the heat here lol. Like esp for me when I have to carry art stuff to sch and walk quite abit, then she said that her other son lives in a hot place too and he does 3D models and stuff so also has that prob. ( I was thinking, wooooah, ain’t that MIKA’s bro! haha)

Maria asked Joanie like if they can work on certain parts of the curtain first etc. Some of the people put the flowers on the spotlights so it's easier to take, but the techies said not too, though when they went away Maria said it's fine as long as the lights are not on or something. But Joanie told me not too so I didn't ( of course I'm listening to Mika's mum XD) After awhile, when Maria was a distance away, Joanie whispered saying that Maria wants the curtain to be quick, while she wants it to be perfect. I just smiled lol. Perfect for MIKA = YES.  After awhile, the glue guns died again, we waited around again... Joanie went away for awhile. The guns came back on before she came back, tho when she came back she brought some biscuits and snacks with her on a plate ( and put them on top of the Dominos pizza box hahaha), but with the time running out we didnt touch them lol even tho she said we can rest if we're tired.

We were gluing like as fast as possible cause they needed us to stop soon so they could do more tech stuff, (45mins left) so I moved down and did the yellow flowers (near a spot behind the drums) & at that point Cherrise came up for soundcheck! She saw me and smiled and waved at me again :D (crap I cannot remb what she soundchecked alrdy, but Joanie and I were singing along :D)

After the 45min were up, they didn’t allow us to stay and help, so we put down our glue guns and followed Maria to the wardrobe room where some of them left their bags earlier. Before walking I heard Joanie tell Maria “give all of them passes to come back in later after the show” I was thinking, OMG, TO SEE MIKA??? So, we went to the room, Maria went away for awhile, while we talked abt what we thought she ment by that. At the same time, I discovered that I still had a glue stick in my pocket, LOL. Someone(I think Iona) said I should keep it as a souvenir hahahahaha. Anyway, we were given passes, but Maria said RuTing and me didn't need passes cause we'll be staying with them anyway.

So the rest went out while I went to get my bag from the ppl outside and came back in. After that there was only the seamstress and Ru Ting and me in the room, so we took photos of the boxes and MIKA’s clothes lol. And photos with us and the boxes. Talked to the seamstress after that. She was patching the colorful feathered Dr John cape that MIKA was to wear later. She had no idea who MIKA was lol. And she does real estate for normal job but she likes to do interesting stuff as well, so yeah. After awhile, Joanie came in and asked the seamstress what she's done etc, andwent to look for mo her to patch up. The cape was done, so they were gonna put in back in the bag then,Joanie's phone rang XD It's like this clancky string of noises, kept trying to figure out what it was (rang afew times earlier as well) but couldn't tell.

She asked RuTing to pass her her phone, so I helped the seamstress put the cape back in the cape bag AHHHH TOUCHED HIS CAPE :) :) :) (It was of similar material and had feathery stuff on it too just like the cape!) Then Joanie finished the call and pulled more clothes out of the luggages for the seamstress to patch etc. then she went away.

There were more clothes hanging up so we started taking photos of the clothes XD Suddenly, MIKA’s mum came in and said “no photos in the wardrobe room” so we put our cameras away. At the point of time I was like craaaaaaap, shouldn’t have done that :( don’t want anyone to be upset with us. Anyway, she was packing their luggage’s (they had 4 huge ones stuffed with stuff, and gifts I think). Then suddenly, she took out the box I made! I was super excited! Hahaha, I was like omgomgomg as soft as I could. But I couldn’t stand it and got up and walked up to the area across her & RuTing followed, so I said “Ahhh, that’s the box I made for him (:” (trying not to sound like I’m show off or something, but I really didn’t think I’d get to see it again!) Then MIKA’s mum said that it’s really nice :D and RuTing asked me how long I spent to make it, so I told them took around a day plus, like for the glue to dry and all. Then MIKA’s mum said she was trying to pack the stuff so it won’t get damaged (: After that we just walked around and around the room hahaha. At random moments I looked at MIKA’s mum ( I wanted to see what she was packing, but not like intrude too much at the same time) At one point, she took out these packets of green tea, and was like “oh, my tea” hahaha. So cute (: Then there was also those huge pack of Pocky, that I was amused by. There was a 3D model of an eye and the girl partner of Astro Boy soft toy in their luggages too =D After awhile she told us we could walk around, like the backdoor was behind instead of just sitting around, so we were like ohh okay. Cause we were talking earlier that hopefully we could check out the merch booth & it would be cool to see what the people were doing on stage. (at random points we could hear them soundchecking.)

So we headed to the merch booth, the merch ppl were eating so we let them eat first, but did chat with them abit. They’re pretty nice people. Gave out contact to them in case there’s future jobs avaliable (: Then I got TBWKTM tee & the Shout tee. Went back to them room, Maria and MIKA’s mum were there and we were like “um, we went to get MIKA tees” both of them smiled lol. Then we helped Maria hang up the costumes for Lollipop girls and mardi gras ppl and the bride dress ( which was so long I had to tiptoe to hold it at full length! ) .

Soon after it was 7pm and it was time to go out and get the other lollipop girls/big girls/mardi gras people, so we went out with Maria to get them. MinJie, Melissa and Sherilyn were in, so YAY. And soon enough we got to know the other people who got in as well (:

While walking back, my handphone strap hooked on a fire extinguisher and thrusted it away! I didn’t know the impact could be so strong! I got a shock lol. And hurriedly put it back in it’s place. Maria said nevermind, just put it back and it should be fine. She warned me tho, when we were about to walk by another fire extinguisher hahahaha.

Ru Ting and me had to show our tics to the tic guy who was complaining just now, so we hurry grabbed our tics and ran back. But I was too tired to run to the wardrobe room again! So we slowly walked back Lol.

We went back to the area infront of the wardrobe room and taught us the marching bit, so we practiced, like just marching in circles until she came back, then told us we could stop for awhile. Then she went away and Naseal(?) came by and talked to us. He was their chauffeur, he was Linkin Park’s and Green Day’s too, and he said Bon Jovi’s coming, I think probably cause he’s booked for the job already and told us that most bands hang out at Haji lane, and we asked where Mika went and he told us Mika visited the Toy Museum. Then he also said that his son’s a traffic police and his no is (??)38 hahaha. Then Alexander said if we get caught by him can say that we know his dad hahahaha.

to be continued... (:
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