Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Super Sonic!

As most of you may not know :P I've been a huge Sonic fan since I was in kindergarten, collected the books, game books and posters. I didn't own a console back then, but I did play sonic games on my cousin's Gamecube. (I honestly only remember Sonic & Crash Banticoot on there)

My first two Sonic storybooks~ Bought them from Popular Bookstore when I was 5.

So when I saw the release of the 20th Anninvasary Sonic figures, I really wanted the biggest Sonic figure, but I was a lil straped for cash back then, so I figured I'd wait till the price drops a lil. Then a few months back, I heard of a sighting of some of the sets being in a bargain bin for $5 a set. Even though it's not the huge once, it's still pretty worth the cash. A lil sad that it's going for such a cheap price though, but I guess at least I can get my hands on em! However, when I speed there the next day, the sales assistant told me they had already shipped the stock somewhere else. Left my number in case they could get any info, but I've not gotten a call since then.

Anyway, I've been keeping my eyes peeled and managed to score em' at a toy sale at the plaza of Funan DigitalLife Mall last week! So super happy! Here they are, my new Sonic & Super Sonics. The Super Sonics were really worth it cause they came together in a set $5 for two!

Look who wants to join in on some Wreck It fun too? ;)

Here's Kyoka's Sonics, having a discussion over the Chaos Emerald (Hey guys, ain't it supposed to be green?!)
Sonic: "Izzat what i think it is?"
Super Sonic: "Yep, that there's what them botniks call 'em Chaos Emeralds"
Sonic: "They don't make em this big no more i reckon"

I'm super tempted to make some rings for my Sonics and do a mini shoot. Well, we shall see soon enough!

Meeting The Shire Folk

Gosh, this post has been delayed for quite abit due to my end term projects, so happy that I finally have the time to post up all these posts!

Anyway, found out some time before that there was a mini event for the opening of the movie, The Hobbit. Dropped by to support my friend Jas (I was the Kaoru to her Kenshin & she was also Ronald in our Kuroshitsuji team) who went as along with her relatives.
Photo from Jas' cam

Congrats Jas for winning first place! Your Galadriel is so awesome! :D The kids' costumes were awesome too! Look foreward to more cosplays with you!

Jas' pretty Galadriel ! Congrats on getting first place! 

Anyway, there were articles about it in The Straits Times. I've kindly scanned em' up for your viewing pleasure :D (there's one more article but I can't find it in my house right now >.< will scan it up when I do)

I'm sure all LOTR fans are looking forward to catching The Hobbit on the big screen, so go catch if if you've yet to do so! The movie's around 3 hrs long though, so do make sure you have the time to spare (it's not the usual 1/2hrs), you won't want to miss the ending I'm sure!

Monday, December 17, 2012

EOY 2012

Omg, this is a pretty overdued post. Been quite busy the past week with school work and stuff.

Anyway, I popped by EOY for an hour last week, mostly met up with some friends there and chatted for abit before taking off. Took a look at the booths but there weren't really anything that interest me other than the BonJapan booth. Foooood! Anyway, it's good that they sold some reasonably priced food and drinks given there arn't exactly any food or drink stalls around (there was a food cart/truck I saw outside, but I didn't check it out). I took the shuttle bus there cause I have no other idea how to go there -.-;

Overall, I'd say Marina Barrage is a pretty good location for photographs... when there's not any people around. The weather was not bad and the lighting turned out really well. Anyway, here's some pics from that day~

Gelly! She looks cute with any short wig! Our Amazing Alois!

  My long lost primary school friend omg. Sam :D The last time we met was in primary school lol. She was with Gelly and this Misty cosplayer. Amusingly, we used to talk about 
Pokemon all the time back then.

Jean-no, my awesome cosplay partner! She was performing that day but I couldn't stay to watch T^T
 Fail camwhore with Kiti and Yiki =3

 Sora has Alpacas! The fluffy stuff that's the newest Japan mascot character craze here I think .____.

They're kinda cute I guess. I only kinda like the one with the eyepatch :P

There were tons of cosplayers, some pretty good ones but I didn't shoot much since I didn't have much time.
 Trunks from Dragonball
And Invinc smokin' up a lollipop

Did afew random shots with JY, and that's about it. 

This sums up my really short visit to EOY. Hope to be able to attend the event properly next year!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

We Can Fix It!

No, it's not something from the children's show Bob the Builder (which I used to watch btw), it's the awesome new movie Wreck It Ralph! I can't wait for it to be out here in Singapore!

Did you know that Disney Studios Singapore did a promo thing for the movie, having bloggers cosplay as Wreck It Ralph and respectively during L2P and EOY? If you managed to find them you'd get a Wreck It Ralph premium or some cool stuff. Can't believe I didn't hear about it till AFTER the event! I'd definitely would have tracked them down if I did, moreover I was at both events even though it was for a really short time. So disappointed! Smith looks kinda cute as Ralph from the photos!

Well, if you missed that event like I did, do check out the Wreck It Ralph PK Day Out event happening tomorrow at Bugis Junction (outside Mango) around 3PM. BoyThunder, Kimberly and Aloysius will be leading the three teams to participate in the challenge and I'm in BoyThunder's team!

 Anyway, if you can't get enough of Wreck-It Ralph like me, you can always download the mobile apps they've released. There's a further comic on Hero's Duty as well as a Wreck-It Ralph game app going at $1.20SGD if I'm not wrong. The game app is awesome! It includes 3 games, the main Fix-It Felix game, and Hero's Duty. I can't play Hero's Duty on iphone for nuts though, can't seem to get the controls right somehow >.<
My first score playing Fix It Felix :D

That said, let me leave you with Owl City's (one of my fave artists btw) music video for When Can I See You Again, the title song for Wreck It Ralph movie. Do check it out, the concept's pretty neat, I really love the 8bit / pixel art set!

PS. Just realized that tags here do matter whether it's in caps or not, so some tags might not work properly. Please bear with me while I'm getting that sorted out, thank you!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Bedtalk with John from Boys Like Girls ;)

The night before yesterday night, I won a chance to talk to John from Boys Like Girls through 91.3FM. The call was hosted by BoyThunder and there were 2 other callers as well. Boys Like Girls fans, if you didn't manage to catch the short interview we did with John on air tonight, no worries, I've got it recorded here for your listening pleasure (and my memory keepsake (^ _ ^)/~~ )

Btw, the thing about me asking if he remembers me. What happened is the last time they were here, he approached me saying "I like your style" etc etc on two separate occasions. And I was the only one with bright blonde hair, so I was thinking I'd identify myself. Well it didn't exactly go well. Lol.

Moving on, hahaha, Boys Like Girls' new album Crazy World has already been released, so do go grab a copy if you haven't already! (:

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Post Migration

In the process of migrating over old posts from my old blogs. Just the important ones or ones that really mean something to me. So yeah, anything before April 2012 are from my old blogs.

Well, that also means that you get to read my previous concert/event experiences in my cutesy teenager English. D:

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My First KOI Drink

So. I left my laptop charger in school and the photos are in my currently dead laptop. Therefore the EOY post won't be up today.

Instead, I have a photo of me enjoying the first KOI drink I ever bought for your viewing pleasure.

Yes, even though there was the whole KOI craze I never actually bought one myself. I've drunk KOI twice before but they were treats from others. I guess I've never actually bought it cause there were always long queues when I passed by the shop, but well, there weren't any today and I was gonna buy a drink anyway so yeah. Got the Green Tea Macchiato (cause I'm a green tea junkie  ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ )  . I didn't exactly drink it the correct way though, was on the go so I shook it like a normal milk tea drink, grabbed a straw and poked a huge hole in it (^_^;)

For those who don't know, the correct way to drink it is to use the small knife they give you, cut a slit in the cup and drink it like a glass of water to enjoy the full taste. Oh well, there's always a next time I guess!

PS. Finally adjusted the layout so that I can put in bigger pictures now. Ain't that so much better? :D
Also, I'm thinking of importing posts from my old blogs here, like those on my concert experience and stuff. Wonder if anyone would wanna read. haha.

Monday, December 10, 2012

License2Play 2012

Dropped by both events (L2P and EOY) today for a really short while cause I had stuff on afterwards. Here's my take on my 1hr spent at L2P.

L2P wasn't really crowded when I arrived (at around 3pm). Headed straight for the Ragnarok booth, did the "quests" which include throwing metal rings onto a standee thingy. I think it was kinda dangerous tho, cause it wasn't easy to get on and half the time I barely missed hitting the Ragnarok staff with the metal rings >.<

The standee thingy. Had to try to throw these metal rings onto the spikes of the crown.

Shortly after, bumped into some friends near the EA booth and Nescafe booth.
 With Toshiro as Sephiroth from Final Fantasy. I love his super long sword! I mean most Sephiroth cosplayers don't exactly have it at the correct length.
(Thanks to Jason Trooper for helping me take this photo)

Anyway grabbed some loot at the EA booth, then headed to the stage and was just in time to see the results of the western cosplay competition. Took pics of Lavi on stage, she was cosplaying Katarina from League of Legends. Haven't seen her for ages! <3 Sigh, the lighting was so bad though and I didn't have the right lens to shoot with so most photos ain't of good quality.
A Lavi that's happy to see me. ヽ(*・ω・)ノ Hahaha.

 Getting comments from the judges. They love her flips!

 Also, congrats to Jason and Joey for winning the competition! 
Sorry, I don't know who the other girl is >.<

Finally noticed Joey! A Joey in the foreground and a Joe in the background. 8D

Then headed over to the Blizzard booth. I don't exactly play WoW, Starcraft or Diablo anymore, but well, used to play those games alot when I was in high school. They had some pretty neat art and stuff on display. I heard that they gave away the art pieces as a lucky draw or something too.

 A chibi(small) Tyrael! Haha so cute! It looks a little like one of those bobble head stuff, except with better proportions. Jason should take a photo with it. Too bad it's in a glass casing..

I did walk around the whole event hall, which was smaller than I expected. I wish I had more time to spare though, heard that it was really fun doing the quests from each booth from some of my friends who did them. Most were giving out quite abit of loot too.
Pretty cool World of Tanks display

Here's my loot for today ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ :
 I really like this door hanger that they gave us upon ticket purchase to L2P~ \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/

Overall I'd say SGD5/ticket is quite okay, given if you stick around long enough and/or do the quests at the booths, you do actually get more than $5 worth of stuff already. Talking about money, Play Imaginative had a both there selling toys at quite a steal, but I wanted to save money so I didn't get anything 。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。 I'd love to get my hands on some Disney figures and the Gloomy Bear plushie which was going for only SGD8!!

Well, that sums up my 1 hour at L2P. Will post about my 1 hour of EOY tomorrow!
(Hopefully.) ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ
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