Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Meeting The Shire Folk

Gosh, this post has been delayed for quite abit due to my end term projects, so happy that I finally have the time to post up all these posts!

Anyway, found out some time before that there was a mini event for the opening of the movie, The Hobbit. Dropped by to support my friend Jas (I was the Kaoru to her Kenshin & she was also Ronald in our Kuroshitsuji team) who went as along with her relatives.
Photo from Jas' cam

Congrats Jas for winning first place! Your Galadriel is so awesome! :D The kids' costumes were awesome too! Look foreward to more cosplays with you!

Jas' pretty Galadriel ! Congrats on getting first place! 

Anyway, there were articles about it in The Straits Times. I've kindly scanned em' up for your viewing pleasure :D (there's one more article but I can't find it in my house right now >.< will scan it up when I do)

I'm sure all LOTR fans are looking forward to catching The Hobbit on the big screen, so go catch if if you've yet to do so! The movie's around 3 hrs long though, so do make sure you have the time to spare (it's not the usual 1/2hrs), you won't want to miss the ending I'm sure!

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