Saturday, December 8, 2012

Boys Like Girls - 3 Days To Crazy World LP!

3 MORE DAYS TO BOYS LIKE GIRLS' CRAZY WORLD LP! So stoked!!!  I can't wait!! I'm sure neither can the rest of TheMartinSayers (TMS) either!

If you don't know who my all time favourite band is, they're the guys who brought us the hit songs "The Great Escape" and "Thunder". The first time I heard their sound was is 2006/2007, following my first band's decision to cover "The Great Escape" for our first Gig.

I remember being really happy that Martin signed my 
headphones cause I thought he wouldn't. (2008)

Above photo courtesy of Sony Music Singapore. (2012)

Anyway, I've been pretty lucky so far, been able to watch all their live shows in Singapore, plus getting to meet them twice (and Bryan on a separate occasion). Once with Debbie for their title album signing, another with TMS (tons of thanks to Diane, founder of TheMartinSayers!) when they were here to perform for the STAR Concert held by The Straits Times.

Awesomely cute Kathy getting squished by Morgan (:

Go on, click on the play buttons below to listen to three of my favourite preview tracks from the upcoming Crazy World LP! Do check out their album site at as well. Enjoy~

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